A wish

The World I wish to live

Where you and I are equal

No caste, no creed, no religion

can set us apart.

Where I am born, not with the fear of being groped

molested, raped and then blamed

Where I am not bound by old age tradition

At every point have the right to challenge it

Where I am not judged by the clothing I wear

Not by the man I choose

Where I am respected just as another human being

but not for being a weaker sex

where my dreams know no boundaries

where I am empowered to choose any career I want

where the law is equal for everyone

there is freedom of speech, deeds and action,

Freedom is all I want

Love is all I want

Respect is all I want

Not for me but for each living being

If it is too much I want,

then I wonder have we defeated the entire purpose of humanity?


5 thoughts on “A wish

  1. Thank you Qanit. “Where the mind is without fear ” is one of my favourites. This was written after the brutal gangrape in Delhi and as helpless as everyone else, I wrote this to vent out my anger and my hopes for a better future.


    1. The unfortunate thing is that there are more brutal incidents happening across the world, which we’ll never know of. Our male chauvinistic societies are completely messed up.

      And the irony is, that the very men and women who protested against this are in some way fueling this disgusting behaviour. Our entertainment industry is filled with sexists and it trickles down to the consumers of entertainment.

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