Breaking silence, overcoming inhibitions

When speaking about menstrual and reproductive health is no more a taboo, meet our solar trainers and change makers from Tumkur district of Karnataka and Bettiah of Bihar.


These women are now confident to speak about menstrual and reproductive health, can explain why  menstruation occurs and why we need to understand our reproductive system and map our menstrual cycle.IMG_20160125_1504354341


They will soon go back to our communities where they will not only light their villages with solar power but also with their knowledge on health issues. These women would disseminate the knowledge and empower more women  so that they have more control on their reproductive health.

There are equipped with the information on various sanitary products and its proper usage and disposal. The various methods of contraception they can use and safe and unsafe period of their menstrual cycle. They would encourage the women and girls from their communities to break silence on menstrual and reproductive health health, know their right to good menstrual hygiene and safe delivery.

It was not an easy task to achieve this level of openness on this issue but no where these women can be blamed. They have so many issues they had to deal with that they have never had a chance to prioritize their own health in their lives. However, as we have spent roughly four months together talking about these issues casually over a cup of tea or during a full fledged session, I can see the change in their attitude. After each class, I have found one or two women who would stay back and discuss about various gynecological problems they are facing There was an inflow of more of them to the barefoot hospital with gynecological problems. They have requested for all the materials which we used during our educational sessions which they can take back and educate the women in their village.


I can now proudly say that we together have achieved a platform where we are comfortable to share our experiences, break silence on issues which are important for our healthy lives and empower more women in our communities with knowledge and right information.


4 thoughts on “Breaking silence, overcoming inhibitions

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