Pic credit: Google Images

We traveled together
To seek the unexplored love in our hearts
There was a silent glance
Which spoke million words
The moment had seized in it
Memories to be cherished forever

In that magical moment
I was drenched in the color of love
The bliss of togetherness
And the feeling of oneness
The song which you sang
only I could hear
And we kissed the dawn together
To open up our souls
To embrace each other
To be one with the universe

The dusk has opened its arms to
Celebrate the love we share
The time stopped for a moment
The ocean stood motionless
The sun with its beaming glory
Made us realize
It was just you and me
And our love!


Amalgamation of colours

When the sky is all fiery

(Picture location : Adelaide CBD)


With the sun peeping through the clouds

(Picture location :Victoria street , Adelaide)


Displaying an array of mesmerising colours


(Picture location :River Torrens, Adelaide)


Bringing the new dawn of hopes and aspirations


( Picture location :Hallet cove beach)



Pic credits: Google images


There is a voice which fails to speak my love, listen to it

This is a smile which fails to describe my happiness, see it

There is a mind which fails to understand my love for you, explore it

There is a heart which is baffled by the amount of love it can hold for you, find it

And there is a soul which is elated to find its mate, love it.


~Inspired by the quotes from Rumi



A wish

The World I wish to live

Where you and I are equal

No caste, no creed, no religion

can set us apart.

Where I am born, not with the fear of being groped

molested, raped and then blamed

Where I am not bound by old age tradition

At every point have the right to challenge it

Where I am not judged by the clothing I wear

Not by the man I choose

Where I am respected just as another human being

but not for being a weaker sex

where my dreams know no boundaries

where I am empowered to choose any career I want

where the law is equal for everyone

there is freedom of speech, deeds and action,

Freedom is all I want

Love is all I want

Respect is all I want

Not for me but for each living being

If it is too much I want,

then I wonder have we defeated the entire purpose of humanity?