A wish

The World I wish to live

Where you and I are equal

No caste, no creed, no religion

can set us apart.

Where I am born, not with the fear of being groped

molested, raped and then blamed

Where I am not bound by old age tradition

At every point have the right to challenge it

Where I am not judged by the clothing I wear

Not by the man I choose

Where I am respected just as another human being

but not for being a weaker sex

where my dreams know no boundaries

where I am empowered to choose any career I want

where the law is equal for everyone

there is freedom of speech, deeds and action,

Freedom is all I want

Love is all I want

Respect is all I want

Not for me but for each living being

If it is too much I want,

then I wonder have we defeated the entire purpose of humanity?